Mechatronics for Swarm Robotics

Francesco Mondada

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Mechatronics for Swarm Robotics

Extended e-puck introduction


Recommended Documentation

F. Mondada, M. Bonani, A. Guignard, S. Magnenat, C. Studer, and D. Floreano. 2005.
Superlinear Physical Performances in a SWARM-BOT.
In 8th European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL'2005), pages 282-291, 2005. PDF
F. Mondada, L. Gambardella, D. Floreano, and M. Dorigo. 2005.
SWARM-BOTS: Physical Interactions in Collective Robotics.
Robotics & Automation Magazine, 12(2):21-28, 2005. june 2005, PDF
Francesco Mondada,
Introduction to the e-puck robot.
Francesco Mondada.
e-Puck Robot Schematics and layout
e-puck Mini Doc.

Additional Information on the e-puck

Websites where to find documentation:


Important and useful programs to download (also listed in



Tutorial for programming the e-puck robot using the Bootloader via Bluetooth ->Download -> Documentation


To program in C the robot you can use the integrated development environment (IDE) of the microcontroller of e-puck.

Basically you need 3 parts: the IDE for editing, the C compiler, and the downloader.

MPLAB IDE: ->Products ->Development Tools -> MPLAB IDE

The C compiler related to MPLAB is the MPLAB C30 (free student edition available to download): ->Products ->Development Tools -> MPLAB C30

The tiny downloader:


The STD version of Webots is intended to support fully the e-puck. From simulation, to compiling and download. In the near it will include future graphic programming as well.

For the first demos, you can download the evaluation version (free) of Webots:

Purchasing the STD version you can reprogram the simulated robot and remote control the real robot.


A nice demo to start with: (collection from SWIS, LIS and ASL labs): demoGCtronic.hex, -> Example

With the mode selector itís possible to activate reactions from acceleration or sound; run obstacle avoidance or wall follow; communicate with a host PC to show all the sensors data including VGA camera.

There are software examples also on ->  Download -> Software -> Library



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