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Organizers: Paulo Urbano, João Balsa, Luís Antunes and Paulo Novais

Place: Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa

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Every two years, the Portuguese Association for Artificial Intelligence organizes a summer school on Artificial Intelligence. This year the big topic is Collective Robotics. The use of a group of robots for performing complex tasks is in fact one of the hot topics of present robotics.


The summer school on collective robotics will be in the beatiful city of Lisbon (Portugal), from 27 to 31 of August 2007 and will focus on the study, synthesis and analysis of multirobot systems. It will feature lectures by top people in the field.


The main theme will be the exciting field of swarm robotics, biologically-inspired by social insects, and involving the coordination of a large number of simple robots. The school will emphasize on the robots physical design and on the types of local interactions which can produce complex group behaviours. The application of artificial evolution techniques and methodologies for analysing  and predicting swarm behaviour will also be important subjects.

Another theme will be about  advanced coordination methodologies for creating high-level flexible strategies for soccer playing teams of robots.

The school also features hands-on workshops to quickly enter into the discipline of collective robotics. The lectures will be in the morning and the workshops in the afternoon.We will have at participants disposal a group of around 40 e-pucks robots.


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